You can start your educational adventure in Colombia. happy news The Colombian government is now accepting scholarship applications. In this article, we’ll give a thorough overview of this scholarship program, its advantages, and the application process.

A fully financed grant program, the Colombia Government Grant 2023 is for international understudies. This award is accessible for PhDs, Masters, and Specialization Degrees. It will pay for all of the scholarship’s expenses, including tuition, awards each month, and books.

For foreign nationals of all nationalities, this scholarship call is for master’s, doctorate, or specialized scholarships. In Colombian educational institutions, you will pursue your studies. There will be 50 available international scholarships.

Summary of the Study Study Level: Master’s, Doctoral, or Specialization Degrees Colombia Foundational Teachings Focus on: Prospects for Colombia any expert, doctoral, or specialty degree with a full-time focus.
Program Length: The duration of the Columbia scholarships will range from twelve months for specialization to thirty-six months for a doctorate.
the 20th of December, 2022 Scholarship Protection The following advantages are provided to scholarship recipients by the Colombian government:

Grant in the amount of three legal salaries per month. Allowance for the Month. 2,484,348 dollars from Colombia.
Only for the academic programs specified in the catalogue for this call, Colombian universities will fully reimburse all tuition fees.
Grant for supplies and books: Medical Insurance At the beginning of the academic program, a single award of $401.321 COP was made: Colombia was the only nation with comprehensive medical aid coverage during the research period.
Books & Materials: 425,400 dollars for books and supplies.
Installation fees: $425,400 one-time award given at the commencement of the research.
Eligibility Conditions for Government Scholarships in Colombia To qualify for Colombian Government Scholarships, a candidate must fulfill each of the requirements listed below:

Countries that qualify: be a national of a nation other than the United States. not be a citizen of Colombia. foreign professionals who don’t live in Colombia and don’t have dual citizenship (Colombian).
be under 50 years old.
own a professional or bachelor’s degree.
Applicants must be accepted into at least one graduate program that is listed in the Catalog of Academic Offer General Call 2022 in order to be eligible to apply. The ICETEX offices in Bogota must receive the application documents in person. Carrera 3 No. 18-32 is the address.
The candidate may submit up to three acceptance letters.
Original documents are not required.
Foreign applicants must carefully read the call and send ICETEX only the necessary documentation. Acceptable copies must be notarized or validated.
How Can I Apply in Colombia for Government Scholarships?
To access the official website, just click the link at the bottom. However, adhere to these crucial rules to apply for Colombian government scholarships:

Eligible individuals may submit an online application for the fully funded scholarships offered by the Colombian government.
Candidates must fill out and submit the application form. A printed copy of the online form summary is also required for applicants to provide with their paper application.
After completing the online form, the applicant must additionally deliver a paper application to the Colombian government. The application includes the following files:
A summary of your online application for this call, notarized copies of your academic transcripts, a copy of your passport, a certificate of professional experience, and a health certificate should also be delivered to ICETEX OFCES in Bogotá. You should also send letters of academic recommendation and acceptance from universities in Colombia. Carrera 3 No. 18-32 is the address.
Website To learn more about scholarships offered by the Colombian government, kindly visit the following official websites:

Website for Colombian Government Scholarships in English

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