The European Society of Hypertension is inviting international students to submit applications for summer school in 2023. (ESH). The goal of the ESH Summer Schools is to create a network of young European and non-European fellows who are interested in hypertension.

A research of the European Society of Hypertension on Blood Pressure Control in ESH Excellence Centers is dedicated to Professor Alberto Zanchetti. The primary goal of the European Society of Hypertension is to enhance blood pressure management, which will reduce cardiovascular risk, early cardiovascular and renal morbidity and mortality, and healthcare expenditures.

Summary of the Study Institution(s) conducting summer school: Level of Study: Study by the European Society for Hypertension (ESH) in Clinical and Basic Research Opportunities for Serbia.
Programmed Duration: 6 weeks. From September 17 through September 22, 2023, the program will be in effect.
May 15, 2023 is the deadline. the following advantages to beneficiaries of the European Society of Hypertension Summer School Scholarship Coverage:

The National Societies of Hypertension will pay for both the faculty’s lodging and the attendees’ lodging as part of the ESH.
travel expenses for participants The ESH will provide travel grants to nations who are having financial difficulties.

The European Society of Hypertension Summer School’s eligibility requirements In order to be eligible for the summer school, an applicant must fulfill each of the prerequisites listed below:

Every country in the globe is entitled to use English as an essential language.
younger candidates with a solid background in clinical practice and fundamental research related to hypertension.
There is no set age limit, although candidates under the age of 40 should be given preference.
Each student may only enroll in the ESH Summer School once because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How can I submit an application for the European Society of Hypertension’s summer school?
Please follow these instructions to submit an application for this summer school:

By May 15, 2023, National Societies of Hypertension in Europe should submit the names of at least two candidates from each nation; larger nations may submit more.

Fill out the membership application completely.
The nomination should contain the candidate’s contact details and a brief CV. The chosen candidates will be revealed to each National Society of Hypertension in June.
Contact details for the organization:
Professor Dragan Lovic, Intermedia Cardiology Department, Hypertensive Center, Singidunum University, School of Medicine, Nis, Serbia Please address any questions to:

The Department of Preventive Cardiology at Thomayer University Hospital is located in the G6 Building, and Prof. Renta Cfková serves as its secretary (800 140 59 Prague 4, Czech Republic). Phone: +420 2 6108 3694 Fax: +420 2 6108 3821 Website Please visit the official website to learn more about the European Society of Hypertension Summer School:

the company’s website

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