Continue your education in Taiwan. happy news Application for the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is now being accepted. In this article, we will give a thorough overview of this fellowship program, its advantages, and the application process.

The MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2023 is a fully financed research fellowship for students and researchers from abroad. One round-trip economy class ticket, up to NT$60,000, NT$1 million in accident insurance, as well as NT$50,000 in medical insurance for accidental injuries, will be given to the recipient of this fellowship.

In order to support advanced research in Taiwanese universities or academic institutions for foreign specialists and academics interested in Taiwan, cross-strait relations, the Asia-Pacific area, and Sinology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) established the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship.
Graduate students can also apply for the DAAD Scholarship, which offers monthly payments of 1,200 euros for doctorate candidates and 850 euros for master’s degree applicants. This initiative has so far recognized 934 researchers from 78 different countries. The MOFA Taiwan Fellowship grants 12 Chinese Taipei APEC Fellowships each year to academics and professionals from developing APEC economies, just like the APEC Scholarship Initiative does. The total number of grantees is determined by the MOFA’s annual budget.
Summary of the Study Learning Level: Taiwan Universities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the organization(s) providing research grants. research in Taiwan Courses in the humanities and social sciences are offered. regional research Sinology strait relationships three to twelve months Successful applicants will start their research in Taiwan in January of the following year after receiving the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship, which is given out annually in May or June.
Deadline: You can also apply for the Chevening Scholarship from May 1 to June 30, 2023, which comes with a monthly stipend, round-trip economy airfare to the UK, as well as additional scholarships and incentives. Scholarship Protection The following advantages are offered to the recipient of the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship:

Grants are disbursed at the start of each month.
Professors or associate professors: NT$60,000. Research fellows and associate research fellows: NT$60,000.
NT $50,000 for doctoral aspirants, assistant professors, or assistant research fellows.
Subsidized one round-trip economy class ticket on the most direct route between the applicant’s home country and Taiwan. You can check the maximum subsidy amount by clicking this page.
Accident insurance and a NT$50,000 medical insurance policy for unintentional injuries are included in the coverage of NT$1 million.
During the Fellowship time, recipients are not allowed to accept any scholarships from Taiwan-based public or private educational institutions or schools or from any other government bodies. Additionally, grantees cannot take up part-time employment without MOFA’s approval.

Criteria for MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Eligibility For consideration for the fellowship, an applicant must fulfill each of the conditions listed below:

Countries eligible for English include those around the world. Important Languages
The awardees must be foreign professors, associate professors, assistant professors, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, students enrolled in similar doctorate programs at foreign universities, or research fellows at a comparable level in foreign educational institutions.
The recipients are required to deliver their research findings in writing (at least 20 pages) to MOFA within three months after the project’s completion.
While in Taiwan, the grantees should take part in academic seminars and events arranged by the MOFA and commissioned organizer.
How Can I Apply in Taiwan for a MOFA Fellowship?
Please follow these steps to submit an application for a MOFA Taiwan Fellowship:

After reviewing the application guidelines, prepare the following documents:
A research proposal, a CV, and two letters of support and agreement from the senior administrative director at your university are necessary.
also take a look at Chinese Student Visa Application. Complete the online form and upload the aforementioned files.
Print the entire application, then post it to the Delegate Office or International Safe Haven of the R.O.C. (Taiwan).
Note: If current circumstances prevent you from traveling, you may request a delay in the grant’s implementation from your local ROC (Taiwan) embassy or representative office. Following that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review the proposal. If approval is given, the study must be finished before December 31 of the same year.

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