Worldwide Adolescent Pioneers Program for Three Spot Run Young Pioneers have till 2023 to step up their efforts. To all the Global High School Pioneers of the World People that vehemently detest Indented respond and take action right away. Three Dab Run ® is an overall drive of the We Are Family Foundation ® focused on recognizing and assisting the worldwide high schooler pioneer drives that are constantly collaborating on drives that excite a more peaceful neighborhood.

Summary of the Study Learning Level: Establishment(s): Non-degree (Just Peace Summit) We Are Family Foundation looked into: In New York, USA, the opportunity focus areas are: Leadership Program Period: Seven-day cutoff: As of February 12, 2023, scholarship participants of the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program will be eligible for the following advantages:

In New York City, the We Are Family Foundation will pay for certain GTLs’ plane, train, hotel, meal, and ground transportation expenses.
eligibility requirements for the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program Applicants must fulfill the following criteria in order to be accepted for the Teens Leaders around the World program:

Potential QTLs should satisfy the following requirements and capabilities overall:

Countries eligible for English include those around the world. Important Languages
Age 13 to 19 One or more fundamental human needs, such as “food, water, health, shelter, education, safety, and the environment,” are addressed through a project or organization. Founder of a project or business of your own Dedicated to expanding your impact and body of work both now and in the future Having already seen tangible results excellent command of the English language being able to fly to the US and attend the full Summit (no exceptions)

What is the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program and how can I apply? Partner in the Three Dot Dash Coalition GTL Alumni Mentor Alumni A Team Member A of the We Are Family Foundation or Three Dot Dash Director of the We Are Family Foundation
To access the official website, just click the link at the bottom. However, the subsequent actions must be completed in order to be eligible for this scholarship:

An application is deemed complete when the nominee form and the nominator form have both been finished and submitted by the application deadline. The failure to submit any form will result in automatic disqualification.

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