Continue your education in China. happy news The application season for the Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship is currently open. In this article, we’ll give a thorough overview of this scholarship program, its advantages, and the application process.

The fully financed Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship 2023 is open to international students. These scholarships provide tuition, accommodation, and a stipend of up to 31,000 RMB per year for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate students.

Apply as well for the MEXT Scholarship, which is completely financed. The Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship for Outstanding Students (hereinafter referred to as the Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship) was created with the aims of drawing more outstanding students to our school, fostering a welcoming and international campus community, continually enhancing the university’s reputation abroad, and motivating international students to work hard and pursue a well-rounded education.

Summary of the Study Institutions offering master’s, doctoral, and undergraduate degrees: Attend Zhejiang Normal University to study Opportunities in China’s: Please click here to view all offered programs.
Program Length: this depends on the degree option.
Deadline: On July 30, 2022 (Annual), you might be interested in applying for one of these scholarships: MEXT Scholarship Coverage of Chinese Government Scholarships Scholarships at Zhejiang Normal University will cover:

the exclusion of tuition.
housing options on campus
Up to 31,000 RMB annually.
health protection
Take a look at the most esteemed and fully financed Fulbright Scholarship offered in the US. Scholarship for Zhejiang Normal University Conditions for Eligibility To qualify for the Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship, a candidate must fulfill each of the conditions listed below:

English or Chinese is required in the following countries: To apply to undergraduate programs, applicants must come from all countries, have a high school diploma, and be younger than 30.
Candidates for postgraduate programs must be under 35, possess a certificate proving they have earned a bachelor’s degree, and possess two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors.
A Master’s degree certificate, two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors, and a minimum age of 40 are requirements for admission to a doctoral program.
Candidates must follow regulations and maintain discipline; foreign passport holders and applicants should be cordial and healthy.
For programs taught in Chinese, applicants must provide their HSK Certificates or equivalent proof of Chinese language proficiency. Candidates who apply for English-language programs must submit IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or other English language proficiency authentications.
There are no additional prizes.
Additionally, have a look at the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program and How to Apply for a Scholarship at Zhejiang Normal University.
Please follow the instructions below to apply for a scholarship at Zhejiang Normal University:

(1) To submit an application, first go to the Zhejiang Normal University website.

(2) Upload the scanned copies of the necessary documents as follows in the online application system: the passport photo page copied.
English Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed (download here). The physical examinations must cover every aspect listed on the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Records that are incomplete, lack the signature of the attending physician, the hospital’s official stamp, or a sealed photo of the applicants are void.
Those who are accepted into the program must provide their original, valid passport.
transcripts, evidence of your academic progress, and notarized copies of your highest academic degree and transcripts (which must be translated into Chinese or English and confirmed by your former school or local department).
examining goals and plans
two teacher letters of endorsement For step-by-step guidance on the application procedure, subscribe to our YouTube channel. ZJNU is in responsible of assessing applicants’ qualifications, and on the basis of the selection process, we will choose those who match our requirements.

(4) Students must pay a registration fee of 70 dollars (or 400 yuan) if they are accepted.

(5) The Admission Notice and the JW 202 Form will be posted as admission documents.

Website For further details, go visit the official Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship website:

the company’s website

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