Continue your studies in the UK. happy news Application for the Bourne Scholarship is now being accepted. In this article, we’ll give a thorough overview of this scholarship program, its advantages, and the application process.

International students may apply for the Bourne Award, a master’s scholarship provided by the University of East Anglia. It is entirely supported. This scholarship is worth a total of £7,000.

International students are asked to submit an application for the Bourne Scholarship for the 2023 academic year if they wish to study creative writing (prose fiction) at the University of East Anglia, UK. The £7,000 total value of the Bourne Scholarship can be applied to tuition or maintenance.

The Malcolm Bradbury Memorial Scholarship was originally given to best-selling novelist Elizabeth Macneal. She consequently has direct knowledge of how a scholarship may transform a person’s life. Elizabeth wants to give the same opportunity to a kid who shares her passion for writing. Find out more about Elizabeth by going to this website.

Prose fiction master’s degrees are acceptable for the Bourne Scholarship. This half financing scholarship, valued at £7,000, is provided by the University of East Anglia. Applications for this award are accepted from all countries.

Summary of the Study Study at the University of East Anglia at the Master’s level or a related institution UK deadline: May 14, 2023 Date of Study: MA in Writing Creatively: Poetry Fiction Scholarship Protection The £7,000 total value of the Bourne Scholarship can be applied to tuition or maintenance.

Measures for Bourne Grant Eligibility
To qualify for a Bourne Grant, the candidate must meet each of the following requirements:

English is a required language.
All countries must meet the conditions for each program in order to be eligible.
MA in creative writing is a course that is acceptable (Fictive Prose).
Age: People over 25 are given preference.
We will give precedence to candidates who genuinely need money.
What is the Bourne Scholarship Application Process?
Please do the following actions in order to submit an application for the Bourne Scholarship:

To apply, go to this website.
Please take note that in order to be considered for the creative writing donor-funded scholarship program, you must submit both your scholarship application and your application for the MA in Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) by noon on May 14. If you want to be considered for scholarships, you should submit a scholarship application by this date even if you don’t expect to hear anything about the outcome of your course application by that time.

Website For additional details, kindly visit the Bourne Scholarship website:

the company’s website

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