With OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists, you can begin your international study experience in 2023. positive news The OSWD currently has PhD Fellowships for Women available. In this article, we’ll give a thorough explanation of this scholarship, its advantages, and the application process.

The OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women are fully financed awards for female international students. This program includes tuition, a monthly stipend, a round-trip ticket, the cost of a visa, health insurance, and a special stipend for attending foreign conferences.

Women from STLCs who desire to pursue PhD research in the natural sciences, engineering, or information technology at a South American university should apply to the OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists program.

Submit an application as well for the Harvard University MBA Scholarship. The overarching objective of the fellowship program is to support the emergence of a new generation of women leaders in science and technology and to motivate them to actively contribute to the scientific and technological advancement of their nations. The program, which is provided in cooperation with host institutions in poor countries, is generously funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

The particular goals of the fellowship program are:

to make it simpler for bright young women who completed STLCs to enroll in science and technology programs and pursue training.
to increase the originality and output of research among women scientists working in STLCs.
to provide the resources necessary for a new generation of intelligent women to lead in science and technology.
to inspire women scientists to contribute to their countries’ long-term progress.
to encourage female scholars from the South to collaborate and organize locally and internationally.
Summary of the Study Learning Level: Swedish Global Advancement Collaboration Organization is one or more doctoral institution(s) (Sida)
Focus on: underdeveloped countries
Deadline: Agricultural sciences, astronomy, space, and earth sciences, biological systems and organisms, chemistry, computing and information technology, engineering sciences, mathematical sciences, medical and health sciences, neurosciences, physics, and structural, cell, and molecular biology are among the courses being offered on April 15, 2023. Additionally, you are eligible to apply for the up to four-year MEXT Scholarship Program, which is completely financed.

a four-year maximum full-time fellowship where all research is done at a host institute in a different developing country in the South.
a sandwich fellowship that requires the applicant to be registered as a PhD student in her home country while spending some of her time studying at a host institute in a developing country.
The sandwich fellowship permits a minimum of one and a maximum of three research trips to the host institute. At least six months must pass since the initial visit. A person can only stay at the host institution for a total of 20 months. The funding period cannot go beyond four years.
The Scholarship’s advantages The following benefits are provided to recipients of OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists:

a small annual assistance payment that the student may utilize to help with expenses related to their research environment. a round-trip ticket from the home nation to the research institution for the designated time period Visa costs Annual contribution to health insurance the chance to participate in competitive regional scientific communications workshops according to an agreement with the selected host institute, which is also expected to provide, study fees (including tuition and registration fees)

Expenses related to buying a computer or software assistance to family members additional airfares for travel back to the nation of origin for private reasons Visit our YouTube channel to see the application procedure in detail. Qualifications for PhD Fellowships in OSWD for Women Scientists For consideration for OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries, candidates must fulfill the requirements listed below:

Important Languages: Countries that can use English include Syria, Palestine, the Comoros, Sudan, Yemen, and Sudan. None of these nations are in the Middle East or North Africa. The full list of nations that qualify is provided below.
One of the aforementioned disciplines of study requires an MSc degree.
Please note that applicants are not permitted to be currently funded by a research grant or fellowship from The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) or to have previously applied to a TWAS program within the same calendar year. The host institutes must be in a South Asian developing nation other than the applicant’s country of residence. The institutions that have been suggested are listed below. Other institutes not included in the link above will also be considered if they can show that they have the required tools and knowledge.
Candidates who are already present in the host country will often not be taken into consideration.
Candidates should pick an institution that is located outside of their country of origin. They can locate two more host universities if you want.
Candidates must state that they aim to return to their native nation as soon as possible after finishing the fellowship.
How do I apply for a PhD Fellowship for Women Scientists through OSWD?
Follow these guidelines to be eligible for an OSWD PhD Fellowship for Women Scientists:

(1) Participants must provide a PhD research proposition frame, which should be a condensed description of the PhD research proposition, in no more than 2,000 words.
Here are some pointers for creating a persuasive research proposal outline.
Candidates are urged to carefully read these instructions and make sure that their plans are organized and clear. The project proposal is given special consideration during the selection process.

(2) Candidates must submit the following paperwork:

The letter must be signed by the department head or coordinator of postgraduate study.
The year after the application must be specified in the preliminary acceptance letter (for instance, if you apply for a fellowship in 2018, the beginning date should be 2019).
all university degrees; and all transcripts from institutions indicating all of the courses’ grades.
Candidates must submit their whole CV, which, if one is available, may contain a list of publications.
Candidates must provide a letter of preliminary acceptance from at least one host institution.
Use the sample provided here to create this document.
Candidates must provide a letter of commitment from their potential supervisor confirming that the host institute has the tools (such bench fees and lab equipment) essential to complete the study.
The letter should also state why the host institute is appropriate for the subject and reiterate the supervisor’s interest in working with the candidate.
Senior scientists who are familiar with the candidates’ work must write two letters of recommendation.
Please take note that the home PhD manager cannot serve as one of the two referees. Only candidates for SANDWICH.
Candidates must upload a scanned copy of their passport page that contains their personal data (picture, document number, etc.).
(3) Candidates for a SANDWICH study plan must also submit the following paperwork:

Sandwich candidates must submit a Certificate of Registration and No Objection from their home university, which attests to their status as registered PhD students and the absence of any barriers to their enrollment at the host institution of their choice.
Sandwich candidates must present a supporting statement on letterhead that has been written and signed by the home manager. The manager should: state that they are willing to help the candidate finish some of her coursework at the host school while she is abroad, and outline how the candidate’s research project will profit from the international research trip.
(4) To start your online application, click here.

Website For additional information, please visit the official OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists from Lagging Countries website:

the company’s website

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