Just 74 co-op engineering students were enrolled at Waterloo’s public research university when it first opened.

Six faculties provide courses through more than 30 departments and schools at the University of Waterloo (arts, engineering, environment, health, mathematics, and science). More than 190 graduate programs and more than 100 undergraduate majors are available to students at the University of Waterloo. The most well-liked courses offered at the University of Waterloo include Engineering, Commerce, and Public Health, with Computer Science taking the top spot according to Maclean’s for 2022.

You have the opportunity to further your career through secondments, organizational development seminars, and leadership training provided by the university. In addition to learning the skills and developing the self-assurance needed to effect positive change, applicants can find opportunities to connect with locals at this university.

  • Summary of the Award:
  • host nation: Canada; host university: College of Waterloo;
  • Bachelor’s degree level of education;
  • Scholarship type: partially funded
  • A scholarship costs $4000;
  • Students from other nations are eligible;
  • Software System Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering are available subjects.
  • Applications must be submitted by May 1, 2023.
  • The B.D. Dammizio Entry Scholarship is offered by the Canadian University of Waterloo for undergraduate courses in computer science, computer engineering, and software system engineering.

Advantages of a Scholarship: A chosen number of deserving students at the University of Waterloo will receive $4,000 scholarships for their first year of computer science, software engineering, or computer engineering.

Applicants must have their prior academic certificates to be eligible, according to the prerequisites. The selection of applicants will be based on their academic performance.

Application procedure: Applicants must have been accepted into undergraduate programs at the University of Waterloo in order to be eligible for these scholarships.

additional paperwork

Students must submit their competition results to CEMC together with the Entrance Information Form (necessary exclusively for math students).

Request for Admission:

This online questionnaire for short responses helps admissions committees understand more about applicants. Personal statements and essays that could be required by other universities for the university are replaced by the AIF. It is a requirement for all engineering and math faculty programs, as well as those in architecture, computer science and finance, pharmacy conditional entrance, optometry, and pharmacy. For all other applications, it is strongly advised (see the official website below).

The Admission Information Form (AIF) must be completed as follows:

create an account on Quest, the university’s online student information system;
As soon as they have a Quest account, students can respond to questions before the AIF deadline;
The AIF form cannot be accessed by mobile devices;
watching tutorial videos to finish their AIF;
They can also find screenshots of each stage on the university’s Quest website to assist them;
Be sure to click on every page when filling out their Quest form.
The school advises students to prepare their responses beforehand so they can edit them for grammar, punctuation, and spelling before submitting them;
Review the admissions information form’s most frequently asked questions.
Criteria for Admission: Before submitting an application, students should confirm the program’s entrance requirements.

Status of Language: International students frequently need to achieve particular English language competency standards in order to enroll in university programs.

If the past four years of full-time study were not spent in an English-speaking educational environment and English is not the candidate’s native language, they must submit the results of an English language exam.

Test results are needed by the Waterloo deadline.

If students are unable to take the test by the scholarship deadline, no waivers will be granted. It is not possible to take an English language test in place of the necessary academic English classes. if pupils feel their level of English ability is inadequate.

Official Website:https://uwaterloo.ca/undergraduate-entrance-awards/awards/bp-dammizio-entrance-scholarship

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