Soccer players from all over the world can apply for athletic scholarships if they want to enroll in full-time undergraduate or graduate programs.

Students can use the money from the sports scholarship to advance their athletic abilities and reach higher levels. Candidates for this scholarship must be exceptional soccer players. Be a high-performing athlete who is driven to continue intellectual and athletic growth.

High-level athletes who wish to pursue postgraduate or undergraduate studies at BU are eligible for the BU Sport Scholarship. The scholarship is meant to provide you with the financial means to improve your athletic skills.

Details about the program:
Entry: In September 2023 and January 2024, classes will begin. There is no way to postpone scholarships.
Eligibility: any student who wants to study at BU full-time for an undergraduate or graduate degree.
Criteria for Eligibility: Students from the UK/EU and abroad are eligible to apply for the sports scholarship.
Worth: The scholarship, whose value ranges from £500 to £5,000, covers costs associated with travel, tournament entry fees, coaching, and equipment.
Places that are open: can range from 45 to 50, depending on the amount of money available.
Deadline: The application deadline is August 31 if your course starts in September, and it is November 30 if it starts in January.
Application Requirements:
You can apply for up to £5,000 in funding to cover costs associated with coaching, equipment, competition registration, travel, and support services.

You must perform at that level, be a member of a Regional, National, or International squad, and succeed in your chosen sport. The recipients of the scholarship will most likely represent BU in the Team and Individual BUCS programs, as well as themselves and/or their club at the regional, national, and international levels.

Individual athletes will also be expected to compete against the best BUCS program participants.
If you are awarded a scholarship, you must meet with the Sports Performance Manager to discuss how the money will help you throughout the year, commit to attending 75% of training sessions, participate as much as possible as a BU representative in sporting competitions to raise awareness of Sport BU, and be featured in promotional materials.

In order to be considered for a BU Sport Scholarship, you will need to attend trial practice and have your performance evaluated by our coach.

Your application must include a recommendation from a National Governing Body coach or High-Performance Coach. Two references must accompany your application if you intend to apply for a sport outside of our performance BUCS program.

Scholarships are awarded in accordance with available funds. The scholarship is only available for your first year, unless otherwise specified.

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